Kaedric Valsinth

Elvish fighter, lawful good.


Thanks to the addition of animal parts, Kaedric now has an AC in the low 20s.

-Bastard Sword
-Masterwork composite longbow

-Scale Male
-Wooden Shield
-Cloak of Resistance
-Dragonhide Hood

Additional Clothing:
-Wolf Pelt Shawl
-Ogre’s Teeth Necklace
-Rat Skull Necklace
-Dire Rat Skull Shoulderpads
-Rat Skull on Plumed Pirate Hat


Kaedric takes the place of Ioseph Valsinth, his noble brother who fell to his injuries. He continues to take body parts of slain enemies in honor of his brother’s memory (and against his better judgement).

Kaedric Valsinth

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