Basement DND

Adventure #2: The Suspiciously Square Lighthouse

Crappy premade maps galore!

Loosely based on the free adventure “Wreck Ashore”

Ioseph Valsinth and Lyle Wake, after their exploits in the flat tower, met up with Dirk Splinterfemur in the tiny port town of Seawell.

Word in Seawell was that the lighthouse, located twenty miles up the coast, had been mysteriously shut down. Upon braving the marshes and lizardfolk, the party discovered that a band of pirates had ransacked the old lighthouse and set up a dummy light in its place, luring ships to the rocky part of the coastline.

After infiltrating the camp and capturing the captain and first mate (“the shiny guy,”) the party proceeded to investigate the old lighthouse. Many successful fights with rats later, the party emerged at the top of the lighthouse only to discover an evil sorceress and the zombified corpse of the old keeper of the lighthouse.

Upon slaying the sorceress, the party discovered papers that revealed the presence of a spy in Seawell, sealed with the symbol of a black triangle with a hole in the center.

Notable Loot:



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