Basement DND

Adventure #1: The One Story Tower

Because the DM didn't know what "tor" meant!

Based on the free adventure “A Dark and Stormy Knight”

In the first adventure of the campaign, Elvish fighter Ioseph Valsinth, on his way to Seawell, met Lyle Wake, a Gnomish thief, fleeing from his misdeeds in the north.

A powerful storm forced the characters to the nearest shelter: the ruins of a small fortress built into a cliff face. After forcing their way inside, Lyle and Ioseph scoped the room and in doing so disturbed a pack of rats and were nearly obliterated. After battling their way through a giant spider, a Lesser Vargouille, and finally an undead bugbear knight, they emerged triumphant and waited out the storm.

Notable Loot



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